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ENERGYGUIDE labels can save money. Although many energy-efficient products are more expensive to purchase, these products will cost less to operate over the lifetime of the appliance. Consider the following example of comparing labels when shopping for a refrigerator. These steps will calculate how long it will take for the more expensive and energy-efficient refrigerator to pay for itself. Model As purchase price is $775 and costs $100 per year to operate. Model Bs purchase price is $600 and costs $150 per year to operate. 
1. Subtract the purchase price of the cheaper refrigerator (B) from the price of the costlier model (A): $775 - $600 = $175. 
2. Subtract the lower annual operating cost ($100) from the higher ($150): $150 - $100 = $50. 
3. Divide the difference in purchase price (Step 1) by the difference in the annual
operating expense (Step 2) to come up with the number of years it will take Model A to recoup the difference in the initial purchase price: $175 / $50 = 3.5 years. 
In just a little over three years, Model A, the more efficient refrigerator, will cancel out the difference in the original price in energy savings. And at a savings of $50 per year in operating expenses (Step 2), $750 will be saved over the 15-year life of the refrigerator! Since Model B is $175 cheaper than Model A, subtract that from the $750 energy savings to find out how much will be saved with Model A its still $575 over the lifetime of the appliance.




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Reset programmable thermostat, if necessary.
Clean and check awnings and outdoor furniture. 
7. Prune trees and shrubs away from home. 

Inspect crawlspace or basement for water problems.
2. Touch up peeling exterior paint.
Repair leaky faucets, deteriorating sink traps, etc.
Search house, basement, crawlspace, and attic for pest problems like wasp or hornet nests and termite tunnels. 
5. Check the grading for settling or erosion, standing water, and drainage problems to see that soil around the house drains away, and make sure the gutters and downspouts are managing  rainwater properly.





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