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January  '04

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Maintenance Calendar
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Itís no secret that a maintenance routine keeps a house in working order and can prevent expensive repair work. During our experience with thousands of home inspections, we have seen many situations where poor maintenance has had a very detrimental and deteriorating effect on a home - thus, decreasing its value. The suggestions on the calendar below can help you maintain your residence as well as prepare a home for listing.

Repair squeaky stairs, floors, and doors.
Check for leaks and wear in plumbing
fixtures and water appliances (aerators,
garbage disposal, dishwasher, clothes washer, water-treatment system).
Clean refrigerator coils, range hood filter and vent, and clothes-dryer vent. 
4. Patch wallboard and woodwork as needed.

Check for signs of moisture condensation on the windows. Condensation forms when the relative humidity is high and there is a significant temperature differential.
Inspect the underside of roof for frost or condensation staining in the attic, especially in colder regions of the country. 
3. Check the sump pump, if possible. Clean out any debris. 
4. Inspect for water damage and install waterproof underlayerment if you need to install tile in wet areas.







Update or establish a home-maintenance file. 2. Inspect storm doors and window screens and make repairs as needed. 3. Inspect basement walls for seepage or staining.
Tune up and clean the blades of portable fans. 
Maintain indoor air filter or cleaner.

Inspect roof flashings for leaks and check the condition of roofing materials.
Clean, stain, and seal wooden decks as needed.
Turn on outside spigot after last hard freeze.
Wash windows and wash and replace storm windows with screens.
Clean out fireplace or wood stove and stovepipe.

Install, clean, and/or service central or window air conditioners and attic fan. 
Clean out attic before hot weather arrives.
Repair damage to porches and decks, such as loose nails and warped wood. 
Clean interior walls, woodwork, and floors.

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     Arthur S. Lazero

Prepayment for Environmental Testing

We are frequently asked to perform environmental testing in homes that we did not perform the home inspection. This provides extra income for our inspectors while facilitating the Realtorís transaction. Mold, radon, lead-based paint, well water and septic testing are an integral part of our business and are  often necessary prior to settlement. 
Too frequently, however, we do not receive payment.
Sellers move out of town, settlement companies never receive the bill and many other excuses have resulted in significant financial loss.  Accordingly, we must henceforth ask for payment at the time of the inspection for all environmental testing. When scheduling a test, the client can provide a credit card number or arrange to deliver a check to the inspector at the inspection. In any event, results of environmental testing will not be delivered to the client or to the clientís Realtor until full payment is made.
Communicate with Your Inspector
Last Decemberís snowstorm demonstrated that the ability to reach your home inspector to rearrange schedules or postpone inspections during foul weather, health emergencies, or changes in plans is critically important. Save the following telephone numbers:

George Ash
Cell: 410-382-4717

Marty Blackwood

Cell: 240-463-1400
Home: 301-570-0839

Lee Eyler
Cell: 301-674-2199
Home: 301-271-2760

Arthur Lazerow 

Cell: 301-807-9022
Home: 301-469-8149

Robert Montiel 

Cell: 301-385-7379
Home: 301-871-7426

Rudy Rudacil
Cell: 301-219-5579
Home: 301-593-4186

Quintin Satterfield

Cell: 301-807-2122
Home: 301-962-0916

Rodney Shull

Cell: 540-270-0520
Home: 540-364-6117


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