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Check the temperature in your attic during a warm summer day with a household thermometer. If it is 30 or 40 degrees above the outside temperature, take action to lower the temperature. Focus on attic ventilation. Make this simple calculation: Compute the square footage of the attic floor by multiplying the width by the length of your home. Divide the total square feet of floor space by 300 if the attic has a vapor barrier or 150 if there is no vapor barrier.
The resulting number of square feet is the total amount of open area to the outside required to properly ventilate your attic. Half should be high, as at a ridge vent, and half low from soffit vents. If the home has gable end louvers, half should be at each end of the home.
To improve attic ventilation, have a contractor install additional venting. A power vent (attic fan) is recommended for every house with a gable roof. The more fresh air moved mechanically into the attic to replace the overheated air, the cooler the attic and the lower air conditioning costs will be.

Sherlock Holmes Presents:
The Case of The Suspect Shingles

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the investigative inspector, continue...
Clue: An asphalt shingle roof has
missing, broken, cracked and
curled shingles.
Solution: If the roof has only a few
“questionable” shingles or areas, the
roof may be repairable. However if
the entire roof has some damage,
reroofing is the best action.

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