August '06

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Arthur Lazerow
We are very pleased that the Brinks arrangement has been accepted extremely well by our clients during the first several months that this alliance has been operational. Brinks Home Security inspectors have been providing a free home alarm inspection during the home inspection to every Alban client for any newly purchased home that has a security system.
In addition, all home buying clients of Alban Home Inspection Service receive a 90- day limited structural and mechanical warranty. Provided by American Home Warranty Company, this warranty covers many aspects of our home inspection. The warranty starts the day of the inspection and runs for 90 days or three weeks after the closing whichever is longer.
The benefits of the Brinks program are completely free. After settlement, clients are given the opportunity to receive a free, fully installed and operational home warranty system if they contract with Brinks for three years of monitoring. The warranty provides peace of mind for the initial move in period against warranted components being deficient.
This is especially important for hidden problems that our inspectors could not find during the home inspection. In two cases this year, hidden rotted floor joists were discovered when carpeting or other flooring materials were removed. Floor joists are considered structural and thus the warranty would have provided relief.
Homebuyers should select Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc. because Alban home inspectors provide a quality home inspection and outstanding service, including an onsite report and digital photography. Realtors should mention to clients the free Brinks Alarm Inspection and Warranty program as one more reason to chose Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc. for their home inspection and environmental testing needs.

Roofing Maintenance

Damaged roofs cause grief, inconvenience and property damage costing thousands of dollars. It pays to take the care required to preserve and lengthen your roof’s life.
Follow these simple steps to keep your roof in good condition.

• Always keep gutters and downspouts
clean and clear of debris.

• To prevent corrosion, avoid allowing
incompatible metals (e.g., copper flashing and galvanized nails) to mingle.

• Direct downspouts onto splashbacks that slant away from the foundation or into other gutters. Downspouts should never direct rain onto a lower roof surface.

• Do not paint roofing shingles. Painting
removes the roof’s granules.

• Do not drive nails into valleys or other
places where they will be exposed
between shingles.





• Closely follow all manufacturer’s instructions.

• Observe local building codes that limit the number of shingle layers applied. Additional shingle layers can cause structural problems because of weight increase. (Also, extra layers make it difficult for roofing nails to pierce the sheathing.)

• Cut back tree limbs that touch the house, roof and gutters to prevent the buildup of moss and decrease damage caused by damp or wet roofing.

Finally, when considering nail-over replacements, be advised that they last only 65-75% as long as a completely new roof.

Call Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc., if we can answer any of your questions about roofs or any other housing problem.



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