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Remodeling and Repair Expenses

Homeowners in the U.S. spent $176 billion and $57 billion, respectively, on remodeling and repair projects in 2003, 2% of U.S. economic activity.
Source: US Government


Other Cool Savings
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In addition to improving your SEER, other smart steps will save the homeowner between 15 and 50 percent on his air-conditioning bill. First, check the size. Many homeowners have units that are just too powerful for their homes. Not only can that cost him up to $2000 more upfront, it also adds significantly to his monthly bill ó and for nothing! Larger units start and stop more frequently, which impairs the ability to control humidity. Higher humidity makes the house feel hotter, which causes the homeowner to lower the thermostat (and raise his costs!).
A smart homeowner will ask the contractor to calculate and determine the proper unit needed using a standard Manual J calculation. He should note everything, including window efficiency and home design. If he just goes by square footage, move on to a more efficient contractor.
How does he know if his current unit is oversized? Tell the homeowner to make note of how long it is running each time it powers up. An unit of the appropriate size will run constantly on hot days. If it stops before the eight minute mark, itís too powerful for the home.

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