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March  '04

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Preventive Maintenance
Throughout The Home

The best maintenance is preventive maintenance. The following tips will keep problems to a minimum and increase the overall appearance and value of a home. 

Foundation-Basement Crawl Spaces
Check around the house
, generally close to the ground, for damage to wood or wood-boring insect infestation. In the basement and crawl spaces, examine the inside surfaces of the foundation walls and floor framing for wood-boring insect damage or water penetration. . Check for cracks in foundation walls that allow water entry into the basement or crawl space. Settlement of the soil around the foundation is usually the cause. Keep grades sloped away from the house. 

Check all interior and exterior
drains. Keep drains clean and open. 

Exterior Walls and Surfaces

Check masonry walls
for cracks or loose, crumbling mortar joints. Since masonry is a brittle material, itís susceptible to damage from freezing. Water that penetrates the cracks or joints and then expands when frozen ruptures the toughest materials. Allow for proper sealing.
Check all siding and trim for damage (cracking and splitting), decay, and tightness of fit. Damaged materials should be repaired or replaced and the condition that caused the problem corrected. Loose nails (caused by normal expansion and contraction) should be reset. Additional nails or screws may be needed.
All painted surfaces should be inspected for peeling deterioration or

normal wear. Sometimes peeling paint
can be caused by condensation. Paint life will vary with the method of application (brush, spray, etc.) and the exposure of the surface to the elements. To avoid paint scraping and removal, repaint before the paint peels, cracks, or blisters.
Caulking should be checked at all joints. Loose caulk will permit water to enter. Decay or ice damage may result. Also, air leaks through these joints will lead to heat and energy losses.
Check the roof surfaces for loose, damaged, or missing shingles. Check between the tabs on asphalt shingles, as granules wear off here first and cause leaks. Older slate and tile roofs should be inspected and maintained regularly by a professional roofer. In most cases, the nails that hold the slates fail before the slates. 
Trim trees and shrubs
away from the house or roof.

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From the desk of . . .
     Arthur S. Lazero

Schedule Your Termite Inspection Through Alban


I mentioned last month that Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc. has partnered with two termite inspection companies, Enviro-Tech Pest Services, Inc. in Western Maryland and Fanatic Pest Control in Metropolitan Washington, to provide wood destroying insect inspections for our clients Both companies are technically first rate and were highly recommended by Realtors and other home inspectors who have used each for years. 
But the comments I kept hearing while investigating
termite inspection companies were that these folks provide outstanding service to their clients and the Realtors serving them. Sounds like The ASHI Experience motto: outstanding technical proficiency combined with superior service.  
There are two advantages at play with this
arrangement. The first is the efficiency factor for our clients and their Realtors, who can make one call and schedule all of the necessary environmental testing necessary for the transaction with Alban Home Inspection Service, Inc.. 
The second is the efficiency factor the home
inspection experience itself. I have had my first few home inspections with the termite inspector scheduled concurrently. My clients had the opportunity to question the inspector about his findings. Both insects and related structural damage problems were dealt with while the buyer was in the  home. All of my clients appreciated this and actually commented how much they appreciated this arrangement. 
Schedule your home inspection, termite inspection,
radon, water, septic system, lead-based paint and mold inspection and testing with one call to Alban at 1-800-822-7200.







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