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Buying An Air Conditioner

Things you should know when buying an air conditioner.

1. You should size an air conditioner carefully because, in most areas of the country, air conditioning units serve to dehumidify as well as to cool. 
unit that is too large will certainly cool, however, it will not remove enough moisture from the air (dehumidify). You will still be uncomfortable because of the moist air and will have to call on the oversized unit to reduce the temperature three or four degrees more than if you had a properly sized unit.

2. Check the unit for efficiency. 
the newer units you can look at the energy guide sticker. If you do not have an energy guide sticker, or you would like to know what it means, compare the BTUs or tonnage of the air conditioning unit to the electrical draw in amperage.

Example: If you have one ton of air conditioning (one ton is equivalent 12,000 BTUs) and your unit draws amps, it would be more efficient than one-ton unit that draws 8.0 amps. NOTE: You simply check the metal label on the air conditioning unit and look for the full load amps (FLA) or rated load amps (RLA) of the compressor.

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to the rear foundation wall. Furthermore, all major mechanical systems were at the end or beyond the end of their useful life spans. I estimated $25,000 or more would be needed to make all corrections, grading changes and replacements. 

Realtor Liability.
Sellers and their listing
agents who deny potential buyers the opportunity for a pre-offer home inspection are setting the stage for a nasty legal battle that will be based on a non-disclosure of material fact claim and their names will change to Defendant. Even if the Realtor wins, the cost of a serious defense will exceed the commission earned. Buyer’s agents who recommend a "no contingency- no inspection" without suggesting a pre-offer home inspection may also be named Defendant and face a mal-practice claim, again with expensive defense costs. 

The solution is a Pre-Offer Inspection.
Buyer’s agents can fulfill their obligation to their clients by recommending a pre-offer inspection. If it is refused, have the client sign a statement so indicating in writing. Always remember: from a plaintiff’s attorney point of view, if it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen. Avoid liability; make the pre-offer home inspection standard in your real estate practice.



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