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New Home Planning

We have found that many new home inconveniences can be addressed and many new home comforts can be maximized when the house is sited before it is built. Here are some tips for planning for the site of a new home. 

1. TREES. Everyone likes a well-landscaped lawn. With some proper planning you can have a treed lot for a new home. Initially, you must pick a site that has trees that you can protect during construction.

Besides the value that trees add to a home, they help save energy by keeping the roof and walls cool. If trees can be saved it is essential that they are fenced off or clearly marked. One needs to do everything necessary to ensure that the roots will not be damaged by digging, chemicals, or mechanical equipment.

2. EXPOSURE. By placing the house on the site properly one can minimize the homeís exposure to the east and the west. We advise that most houses be placed so that the longer sides of the house and the glass areas face north and south.

3. VENTILATION. Natural ventilation can be taken advantage of by locating the house to maximize the spring and summer breezes.


Tagging Shut Off Valves

Here is great advice to pass onto your clients so they can avoid damages from unexpected emergencies! Recommend that your clients tag the following systems in the house:

1. Main water shut-off for the water system 
2. Water shut offs for each plumbing fixture
Clean outs in the sanitary waste lines
Electrical distribution panel ledger should list the location of all circuits
Shut-off for the gas main
Shut-offs and pilot lights on each gas appliance
Valves from the oil tank
Septic tank lid, distribution box,
and leaching field

Main electrical disconnect, if separate
10. Emergency heater shut off

Home Hightlights

First Subdivision

Archeologists say that the founders of a small city in southeastern Turkey created what may be the first subdivision - building adjoining houses on standardized plots of land. 

Top 5 New Home Complaints
Major builders in a large eastern city report that the top five complaints from  buyers of new homes are:
1. Popped nails and cracks in drywall;
2. Uneven or unlevel flooring between rooms; 3. Doors that donít open or close properly and locks that do not work; 4. Painted shut windows; 5. Cracks in sidewalks and masonry.

Future Features
Engineers from a national survey predict that these will be some of the
features of future homes: smaller homes that are built closer together, weather monitors, pre-dyed and preconstructed wall units, intercoms, and permeable pavement that prevents excess water runoff.




Note: This newsletter is for informational purposes only. When getting involved with a project, please work within your ability. If you need help with a contractor or with any other home-related issue, please contact Alban Home Inspection Service with any questions. Thank You.

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