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What to Ask the Current Owner
Before Listing

The goal of every realtor is to close the sale. But take care not to let enthusiasm blind you to potential problems your clients may face. Curb appeal, nice landscaping, and a great location do not mean obvious problems – such as cracks on the wall, musty smells, or rotting floorboards – should be overlooked.

To help your clients get full disclosure before finalizing a sale, suggest a professional home inspection of the property. You can protect your clients even more fully – and make transactions easier for everyone – by asking some questions of  the current homeowner.  This is easier to do if the homeowner has listed with you. But it’s possible to have a face-to-face conversation with a homeowner  who’s working with a different Realtor, if one or more of your clients is interested in  the property. You could even request a meeting between both parties, so your clients could ask questions of their own. 
The following questions are good "jumping- off points" for such a conversation: 
Does the home have any structural
Are there any cracks in the
walls? Rotting floorboards? Problems with the foundation or water in the basement?
Has the roof ever leaked? Was it
repaired or completely replaced? How old is the current roof? 
Most fiberglass or asphalt-shingle roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years. If the roof is approaching – or past – that age, your client may be facing a hefty replacement bill. 


Has there ever been a termite problem?
Most homes are inspected for termites
prior to sale, but it can’t hurt to know the history of infestation.
Has the home been tested for the presence of lead-based paint? 
A house built before 1960 may have been painted with lead based paint, which was still used in some homes constructed during the 1970s. This is a particular concern for clients with young children: Kids are at risk for serious brain injury if they swallow chips of peeling lead-based paint.
Has the home has been tested for radon?
Consult both the home inspector and
the local chapter of the Environmental Protection Agency about requirements concerning radon levels. Ask if any local residents have encountered this problem.
How old are the heating and air
Make sure you check
both, not just the one currently in use.
What improvements has the current
homeowner made? 
Did the homeowner
do the job or hire a professional? Can the homeowner supply records concerning the improvement? Was the homeowner satisfied with the quality of the work? Prospective buyers should use these questions to learn as much as possible about the property. Then they can sign on the dotted line – and you can seal the deal – with confidence.



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From the desk of . . .
     Arthur S. Lazero

Alban Inspectors Present
The ASHI Experience

July 1 marks the official commencement date for Alban’s participation in the American Society of Home Inspector’s new program, "The ASHI Experience." 
Nothing will substantially change because we believe
that ASHI, by spending literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on research, and marketing and communications experts to create the program, is merely catching up with the high quality of service Alban has offered to our client and their Realtors for the past 10 years. 
Alban homebuyer’s inspection report binder will now include a fact sheet explaining The ASHI Experience. In it, I wrote, "Alban Home Inspection Service proudly adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of ASHI, the largest, most respected national home inspection organization. ASHI has developed a public awareness campaign to make homebuyers and Realtors aware that ASHI inspectors are committed to combine the highest quality technical expertise with an emphasis on service to our clients. The ASHI Experience offers personalized, exceptional service and expert knowledge, enabling smart decisions and peace of mind in our client’s home buying experience. Superior technical knowledge combined with superior customer service defines The ASHI Experience." 
Melissa Brois, our marketing director, and I enumerated
the benefits of an Alban inspection. The list is 21 items long, from pre-inspection contact with clients, to on-site reports, to digital photography printed on-site, to a professional office staff for scheduling and coordination, and many other services provided by Alban and our inspectors. 
I am proud of what
Alban Home Inspection Service is today. Quality home inspections and the availability of extraordinary service makes the home inspection experience of our clients and their Realtors a positive and memorable one. The ASHI Experience is and has always been The Alban Way!




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