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A Household Primer on How They Work

The terms "mold" and "mildew" are often interchangeable — and evidence of these can be found almost everywhere. Molds are a subgroup of the fungi family, just like mushrooms (although they’re not as appetizing!). Molds are simple microscopic organisms.

Mold and mildew contain: Enzymes - responsible for digesting and decomposing Spores - responsible for reproduction The purpose of mold is simply this — to digest the organic world around them. Stories about mold go back thousands of years. Despite the horrific-sounding purpose, molds usually have no adverse effects unless they are in a concentrated form and growing in a confined space occupied by humans. There are also species of toxic mold, which should be considered hazardous. 
A study of 10,000 homes in
North America found that half had conditions of water damage and mold.
The study, conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health in 1994,



concluded that these conditions were associated with increases in respiratory illness symptoms. As a result of the building practices over the past three decades, concentrated and toxic molds have been found in buildings. Practices of eliminating infiltration and exfiltration of air leads to higher humidity levels in the home, such as:
wall cavities containing cellulose materials and insulation that are designed to limit the indoor and outdoor air exchange 
wall cavities that have been wrapped in plastic, allowing condensation and moisture to be created and trapped

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From the desk of . . .
     Arthur S. Lazero

Meet Gretchen

When Gretchen Wright joined Alban, we knew she had excellent secretarial skills. After eighteen months, we now appreciate her organizational skills and attention to detail. When Gretchen is at her desk, the various parts of Alban Home Inspection Service mesh perfectly. Gretchen is officially Alban’s secretary and scheduler. Beyond this, she keeps the administrative side of our business finely tuned, from inspector schedules, to mold supplies, fielding Realtor’s questions and otherwise managing all the details. When I asked for her favorite quotation, she immediately quoted Abigail Adams, who said, "Great difficulties may be surmounted by patience and perseverance." 
Gretchen grew up in Virginia and
currently lives in the Frederick area. Her favorite activities, when not harassing me, involve gardening and travel. She is most proud of her daughter’s graduation from Virginia Tech in 4 years and subsequent matriculation for advanced studies in business and graphic arts at Cambridge University in London, England and Edinburgh University in Scotland. We should all be so blessed. Gretchen keeps us straight and as she says, "I’m the general problem solver and proud of it!" We appreciate Gretchen’s fine work and the many Realtors and clients who rely on her efficiency concur.





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