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For a Newly Listed Home

Every home seller can benefit from some simple tips before putting his residence on the market. For example, a pre-listing inspection could help identify the components of the house that are most in need of repair — which will make the home unattractive to potential buyers. Homeowners who hire a qualified inspector will find it well worth their investment. 
Here are the six common problem areas that are typically identified by thorough home inspectors. Early correction of these problems will increase the house’s marketability (and its selling price!).
After size, style, and location, nothing will sell a house quicker than the good condition of the home’s basic structure and major mechanical systems. A pre-listing inspection of visible and accessible home components can reveal problems in the structure ands ystems, and an inspector will recommend the necessary repairs. The most important components to consider are the roof structure and covering; the foundation, base mentor crawl spaces; the central heating and air-conditioning systems; the electrical and plumbing systems.
These basic, simple, and usually inexpensive improvements will make the home



more appealing to buyers. After all, first impressions count, so make the home "drive-by perfect" by trimming trees and shrubs, applying new caulking or weather stripping as necessary, cleaning gutters of leave sand debris, and making sure all windows are free of cracks. Inside, the homeowner should replace bathroom caulk or grouting, ventilate closed basements and crawl spaces, regrade the soil around the foundation to keep water away from the house, replace dirty filters in the climate control systems and have the systems professionally serviced, and maintain chimneys, having them professionally cleaned and installing hoods or caps as needed.
Fixing minor problems as they occur
will indicate "loving care" to the potential buyer. The homeowner should repair leaky faucets, tighten loose doorknobs, replace damaged screens and windows, repair driveways, repaint walls and ceilings, and make sure all railings are secure. These simple steps will make sure the buyer doesn’t leave with a bad impression.

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     Arthur S. Lazerow

Winterize for Those Frigid January Temperatures

WINTERIZE YOUR HOME carefully. Dead of winter is approaching!

1) Have your furnace or boiler serviced early in the heating season. Service contracts by a reputable HVAC contractor are recommended. 
2) Change paper filters or wash reusable furnace filters monthly. Some pleated filters or box filters, and electronic filters can be replaced or cleaned on a quarterly basis. 
3) Thoroughly clean furnace humidifiers to eliminate any possibility of mold growth. 
4) For circulating hot water or steam heating systems, vacuum or dust radiators or convectors regularly to facilitate heat exchange. 
5) Winterize hose bibbs outside, if not already done. 
6) To increase airflow efficiency, seal any leaking duct joints with duct or silver tape. 
7) Check windows and doors for air leaks. Weather stripping and other methods of sealing off air leaks will make your home more comfortable and lower heating bills. 
8) Always close fireplace dampers when fireplaces are not being utilized. Otherwise up the chimney goes your money. 

Happy Holidays! 

All of us at Alban Home Inspection Service take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons and a joyous New Year. Be Safe! Enjoy your families! Eat Well!




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