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August  '05

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From The Desk of Rodney Shull
Chief, New Construction Inspections

My 25 years of construction and remodeling experience gives me the ability to ensure that the Alban customer receives a thorough, knowledgeable and informative inspection. Whether old or new construction, I believe my expertise is particularly strong in the structural field. It is so important to the homebuyer that they have the assurance that what they are buying is structurally sound, and that it will be a safe, enjoyable place to call home. I enjoy helping my clients receive that assurance by giving them peace of mind about what they are buying.
Having loads of hands-on experience in framing and trim carpentry work as well as owning my own company, I know how to spot a shabby or a quality job in new home construction. In old homes, I have done extensive remodeling and can help the prospective buyer with what they see at present and what they want to achieve in the future insofar as home improvement and maintenance is concerned.
I encourage questions as we go along and always try to involve the prospective homebuyer by showing how to operate and maintain those big-ticket items, such as the HVAC systems and the water heater. Replacement of these components would be costly, especially if they had to be replaced just after move-in. I try to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen. I want my clients to be satisfied and content that they received a good inspection for the investment they are about to make. My goal is to make them so pleased with my services they want to use Alban again and they recommend Alban to their friends and relatives.

George Ash Leaves Alban

George Ash is truly a special person. Saying good-bye to such a friend and colleague is particularly difficult. We have known for at least a year that Cathy and George were trying to sell their farm in Sykesville to enable them to devote their full energies to their Bed and Breakfast horse-training farm in Florida. With its enclosed riding and stable areas, outdoor training facility and sixty acres of trails, their Bed and Breakfast has become a smashing success in just two seasons.
George has been an Alban Home Inspection  Service, Inc. home and environmental inspector for almost six full years, having received has five-year plaque at our company holiday party last January. George’s clients appreciate his professionalism, the depth of his knowledge and the kindly manner in which he treated them. The Realtors with whom he works have likewise been effusive in their praise of George’s fine work and warm personality.
George told a story at his “going away” dinner July 28 about his first inspection. After completing his classroom training at HomeTech and Alban’s on-site training, we met one morning at the next scheduled inspection. George thought this would be just another training exercise with the boss doing the inspection, except the boss turned to him and said “this one’s all yours.” He stood frozen and speechless, not really confident that he was ready. He was ready, he did a superb job that morning and he has continued to do so ever since.



George had varied experience in construction and real estate development before joining Alban. He had an excellent reputation around the Frederick area for his work redeveloping older properties in the downtown area. He also had been a general contractor, specializing in siding and window replacement. At one time, he had both a real estate salesperson’s license and a MHIC home improvement license.
Every business needs a sage. When our company focused on homebuilding, Chuck Gilmore played that role. Chuck, now semi-retired and living in Ashville NC, was our civil engineer, but was also unfailing in his solid judgment and unbiased advice. George Ash has been our business’s “adult,” for which I am extremely grateful. With both Chuck Gilmore and George Ash gone, I guess will be forced to become the adult.
We will all miss George: his clients who continually call for advice, the


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