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Title X Lead Inspections

This coming fall and winter, Realtors will be bombarded with the lead paint disclosure law. One aspect of Title X is that purchasers of homes built before 1978 have a ten day contingency period to have a Lead Risk Assessment performed by an accredited inspection company.

A risk assessment includes a visual assessment of the condition of painted surfaces, x-ray fluorescence testing to determine the location of leaded paint, and dust wipes to discover the extent and location of lead contaminated dust. A typical lead risk assessment costs $150, plus laboratory fees.

Tim Watkins, head of our lead division, or I interpret the inspection results and prepare the Lead Risk Assessment Report. This report is a non-alarming, informational discussion of the lead paint condition of the home and how to safely deal with lead paint within the property.

Realtors whose clients opt for a risk assessment should call Alban. Our prices are fair and if we perform both a home inspection and lead risk assessment, we offer discounts on both services. if you have any questions about lead-based paint, Title X or the inspection process, call Alban.

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Maintaining A Roof

Here are eight things that can be done to maintain a roofing system so repairs can be made before damage is done, or plans are made for replacement. Recommend these tips to your clients for a once-a-year checkup.

1) Check the roof surface for loose, damaged, or missing shingles.

2) Inspect flashings at vents, chimneys, and roof valleys for tight seals or defects. Repair, reseal, or protect all flashings periodically.

3) Check trims, soffits, facias, and barge boards for paint failure or deterioration.

4) Gutters, gutter-strainers, and downspouts should be cleaned of leaves and debris periodically. When gutters and downspouts become blocked, overflowing water finds its way into the facias, soffits, roof, and roof sheathing. This problem is the major cause of paint failure and
decay in soffits and facias. Most gutters require regular maintenance. All joints should be checked and resealed if they show the smallest sign of leakage. Galvanized guttering generally requires regular painting or spot painting. Underground downspouts should be checked and kept clean as clogging could cause water in the basement.

5) Check masonry chimneys for condition of mortar joints, caps, and cement wash. Repaint or repair any problem areas to eliminate possible damage to the roof or interior of the house.

6) Keep the flues and vents free of bird nests and other obstructions.

7) Roof-mounted equipment (air conditioners, ventilating fans, antennas, etc.) should be checked for roof damage and condition. TV antenna wires should be tested for tightness.

8) Flat roofs should be checked especially at metal roof edges, flashings at parapet walls, and strainers for leaks. Due to normal wear, expansion and contraction, flat roofs should be coated every 5 years.

Water-Saving Ideas. Here are some ways to reduce a water bill.
Shortening showers by 2 minutes saves up to 700 gallons
Catch running water (while waiting for it to get hot) in a watering can to use later saves 100-300gallons.
Fixing leaking faucets and plumbing joints saves 600 gallons per leak.
Running full loads in the washing machines and dishwashers saves up to 1000 gallons.
Rinsing vegetables in a filled sink or pan saves 150-250 gallons.

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