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Cool Tips

With the summer season fast approaching, here are some ideas for saving energy:

Clean the refrigerator coils so dust and dirt do not restrict airflow and make the motor run harder.

Defrost the freezer and refrigerator.

Keep the refrigerator in a shaded area.

When using the stove, try to keep pots and pans covered to avoid humidity and to cook food faster.

Replace clogged air-conditioner filters and clean the vents.

Place an awning over the air-conditioner to keep it cool.

Use ceiling fans and portable fans instead of air conditioners as much as possible.

Close the windows on the side of the house where the hot sun strikes them longest.

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Whole House Fan Usage

A whole-house exhaust fan in the ceiling draws air from the house, forcing it into the attic and out through the gable vents. A fan should only be used to draw relatively cooler and/or drier outside air into the house. If it is operated simultaneously with air conditioning it will exhaust the cooled and dehumidified air from the house and replace it with warm, humid air from the outside. A valid use might be to purge accumulated super-heated air from a house that has been closed up - perhaps during a work day or vacation - prior to activating the central cooling system.

In order to operate safely and effectively, the gable vents may need to be enlarged so that their cumulative free area equals the area of the fan orifice.

The following guidelines should be followed when using a whole-house fan:

* Use it only when the outside air is not higher in temperature than the interior space being ventilated.

* Open only the windows where ventilation is presently    needed: the living room during the cooler evening hours, the bedroom at night, or the kitchen/ breakfast area early in the morning.

* Do not use the whole-house exhaust fan in conjunction with a heating or cooling system, or while a fireplace is burning. Consider building a safety grille around the exposed fan mechanism in the attic to help prevent accidental injury from rotating blades and other moving parts.


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