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1. A septic system works best when you minimize water use. To reduce water use, install water-saving devices on the showers and toilets, space laundry washings, and repair leaks in the faucets or toilet tanks.

2. Do not use a garbage disposal with the septic system because it can dilute the bacteriological farm and cause the system to fill up prematurely.

3. Avoid putting paint thinners, photographic chemicals, and insect sprays into the system, as they are also harmful to the bacteriological farm.

Can a home inspection
help the agent?

Home inspections can enhance your professionalism in several ways. They reduce the likelihood of litigation against you or you company by revealing serious problems. Additionally, the good will established will solidify your referral base and increase the number of your listings.

Note: This newsletter is for informational purposes only. When getting involved with a project, please work within your ability. If you need help with a contractor or with any other home-related issue, please contact Alban Home Inspection Service with any questions. Thank You.
Preventing Moisture

Prevention or control of moisture in the air may be accomplished by one or more of the following:

In the winter months or in colder climates, develop adequate ventilation in the attic or install a dehumidistat control with a fan in the attic.

Install vapor barriers and retarders on the warm side walls, ceilings, and floors.

Envelope the living space.

Increase insulation in the ceiling of the top floor living space.

Use double or triple glass and wood frame windows.

Install a dehumidifier in the basement during the summer.

About Water Supply Piping ...

Copper water piping is a dependable material, however, wells with acidic water can cause the copper piping to fail. Look for pinholes in the piping. They will be marked by small greenish rings.

Steel water piping has a life expectancy of 40 to 70 years, depending on usage and the local water. Oxidation or rust develops from the inside of the pipe Initial failure is evidenced by rust spots which appear to be rust growths on the outside of the pipe.

Plastic water piping is not used in most areas of the country and has had problems at the joints, especially on the hot water lines. Newer chemical bonding causes the plastic pipe and fittings to fuse together and appear to have corrected the joint problem.


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