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Home Inspection Service
Receives Maryland
Accreditation For Lead
Inspections And
Expands Its Staff!

We are pleased to report that during mid-February, Alban received its lead-paint inspection accreditation from the Maryland Department of the Environment. As a result, Tim Watkins has joined our full-time staff as Chief of our lead paint testing division and will direct four other Maryland accredited lead inspectors.

Alban is qualified to perform lead paint inspections required by Maryland's H . B. 760 for rental dwellings, and Title Ten, a federal law affecting real estate transactions on properties built before 1978.

By our next newsletter, we should also have terrific news about expansion of our home inspection division, which to date has been a one-person operation - me!

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Attic Ventilation

One of the most frequent and least recognized problems home owners face is inadequate attic ventilation. Poor attic ventilation can lead to excessive heat in summer, which will prematurely fatigue a roof and require additional cooling for the living spaces below. During winter, moisture from indoor activities migrates from the living spaces to the attic - delaminating plywood and rotting roof sheathing and framing,

Rusted nails and stained roof sheathing are initial signs of a ventilation problem. Two tests help determine if there is sufficient ventilation in an attic. In the winter, look for moisture or frost on exposed nails at the underside of the roof sheathing during very cold weather. On warm, windless summer days there should be a maximum 10-15 degree difference between the air in the attic and a shady spot outside.

Solutions for poor ventilation include:

Ventilation Systems: Ridge and soffit vents allow natural air flow. Cool air enters at the soffits under the exterior roof overhangs. As this air warms, natural convection pushes it to the

Power Fans: During summer operation, a thermostat automatically operates a roof or gable-mounted fan as needed to force air circulation. For proper moisture control in winter, the fan should be operated by a humidistat placed at the lowest point in the attic on the north side, or a clock timer set for two minutes each hour during cold weather.

Blocked Vents: Clearing up blocked soffit vents often cures ventilation problems.

Adequate attic ventilation all year 'round is important to the long-term health of your house and for optimum interior comfort. It will also reduce heating and cooling loads and the expenses that go along with them.

Rusty Water? Have you ever come across a house with a well that also has orange stains in the tubs and toilets? The stains are probably rust, but the best bet is to have the water analyzed. Testing should identify the exact cause of the stains. Often rust stains can be eliminated with water treatment. Special cleaners for removing rust stains from porcelain are available from many home centers. Some of these cleaners contain acids and are hazardous, so read the directions carefully and observe all recommendations if you try one of them.

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