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Happy Holidays!

With the holiday season here again so soon, I wish to pause a moment to wish you and your loved ones the happiest holiday season ever We appreciate each of the folks we work with. Whether you are an inspection client, Realtor or dear friend, you are special to us.

In lieu of token presents to our many clients and friends, we will repeat our annual tradition of making a donation to a worthwhile charity in your honor This year we are donating to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Terry Toms and Sandra Watkins join with me in wishing you a healthy, prosperous and joyous New Year.

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Frederick, Maryland 21702
Metro 1-800-822-7200

Full Fee Refund

Fire Safety Review

More than 4,000 deaths result from household fires each year. Recognizing how fires start is the first step to protecting friends, family, and clients.

A home's electrical system is designed to safely carry a specific load of electricity. If that total is surpassed, fuses or circuit breakers will open and shut off the current. Never try to increase the maximum load by replacing burnt-out fuses with those allowing higher current levels. If a fuse is not the right size, don't use it. Never place anything other than a fuse in a fuse holder.

If you experience frequent fuse replacements or circuit-breaker resets, first check the main electrical box to see which section of the house is affected. Once identified reduce the amount of electricity used in those areas by unplugging a few appliances or moving them to another room. If this doesn't help, have a professional electrician inspect the system to determine the cause of overload.

When an appliance will not reach a wall outlet, extension cords are a common temporary solution. But they are not meant to be permanent fixtures. If more outlets are needed, have them installed by a qualified professional. And never run electrical cords under carpets or secure them with nails or staples.

Household fires can start in a number of ways. With a fire safety checklist, you will recognize some of the more common hazards. For example, flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, and paint thinner can be extremely dangerous and should never be stored near sources of heat, especially furnaces, water heaters, and other gas appliances. Use plastic or metal storage containers, not breakable glass, and keep the lids tightly sealed to prevent escaping flammable vapors.

In the event of a fire, smoke detectors can save lives. For maximum protection, place a smoke alarm on every floor and outside each bedroom. Test each detector at least once a month and replace the batteries annually. Whenever vacuuming or dusting, do not forget the vents on the smoke detector where grease, dust, and dirt car build up and cause a malfunction.

A Home Inspection Helps The Seller Too!

An inspection helps demonstrate your good faith effort to meet the seller's legal obligation for disclosure, as well as reduce the possibility of post-closing litigation. In many areas, pre-listing inspections are becoming popular ways of assisting sellers to prepare their properties for quicker and smoother sales.

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