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The September 23rd Washington Post contained an interesting article on home inspections for new construction. Reporter Katherine Salant made two important distinctions between public and private inspections: focus and thoroughness. The building inspector is concerned with life, health and safety issues as reflected in the jurisdiction's building code. The home inspector has these same concerns but is also focused on workmanship and quality. Second, government inspectors are harried, having to perform 30 inspections per day. Since a private home inspection takes 2-3 hours each, I schedule no more than three inspections per day. The slower pace of a private home inspector allows for a thorough examination of all major components, with buyer participation. Realtors representing buyers of new homes should not overlook recommending a home inspector for the pre-settlement walkthrough. And, with our 25 years of new home construction, Alban should be your first choice for that new home inspection.

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Electromagnetic Fields

Everything electrical, whether it's a toaster or a major power line, is surrounded by electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Because the two fields are often present at the same time, they are referred to jointly as electromagnetic fields,

Electric fields are present whenever an appliance is plugged in. Magnetic fields exist only when an appliance is plugged in and turned on. Electric fields in a building come mostly from wiring and appliances. Both internal (e,g., appliances in operation) and external sources (e.g., power lines) contribute to a home's total magnetic field.

The higher an appliance's wattage, the greater the strength and extent of the field. The strength of EMF decreases with distance; it drops dramatically two feet away from household appliances. You'd have to move 200 feet away from a major power line before there is a significant decline in the strength of the its EMF Although electric fields are weakened by trees, earth, and buildings, magnetic fields are not affected,

Recent studies show that EMF exposure may cause biological effects in cells and behavioral effects in laboratory animals and insects. Large-scale laboratory studies are being conducted to determine the long-term health effects of exposure to EMF The U.S. Department of Energy has recently established the National Electric and Magnetic Fields Advisory Committee to design and carry out research and conduct a public information dissemination program on EMF However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not directly link adverse health effects to exposure to "low-frequency" EMF at this time

A Clean Slate...

Do your clients have flagstone that looks dull and dirty? There is a way to clean it and give it a more polished look to impress prospective home buyers.

Murphy's Oil Soap is recommended for cleaning slate and flagstone, and is said to build up an attractive patina if used regularly. Several special sealers are also made for flagstone, slate, and similar masonry materials - look for them at building-supply outlets, masonry-supply dealers, and home centers in your area.


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