New Jersey offers mold remediation training courses to residents affected by Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast at the end of October 2012, it affected thousands of New Jersey residents, destroying and badly damaging houses that were in its path. Now, almost six months later, homeowners are still struggling to fully recover from the impact of the storm.

For properties that were flooded, mold remains a serious problem, prompting Governor Chris Christie's administration to release a Mold Guidelines for New Jersey Residents pamphlet and announce a series of training classes to assist people with assessing and removing the hazardous fungus. 

The pamphlet focuses on a number of key issues, and recommends that people hire professionals to perform home inspections and conduct remediation work on affected areas. It also encourages homeowners to wear gloves, a respirator and protective clothing if they plan to tackle the mold on their own.

"As New Jersey recovers and rebuilds from Superstorm Sandy, mold and its remediation may become a significant issue for many New Jersey residents," said New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd in a press statement. "Although molds are common in our environment, mold may become a problem when it grows inside homes."

Individuals in New Jersey interested in attending the training classes can register online by clicking here.

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that exposure to such mold can cause mild to severe health problems, particularly for people who already suffer from asthma and allergies. No matter what, it's not good to be in its presence on a daily basis. To make sure your residence or business isn't infested with black mold, contact a home inspection contractor to perform mold testing and help you determine if you're safe.